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Finishing Services

Perfection Ensured Finishing Services

Al Afnan Steel Industrial Company LLC offers a range of top-notch finishing services to meet the specific requirements of our clients. Our comprehensive services include Electro Plating, Powder Coating, Painting, and Galvanization. These services are carried out using advanced techniques to achieve a superior quality finish for the products. As a result, we guarantee the production of durable, resistant, and strong products that meet the exact specifications of our clients.
Best Steel Fabrication Company In UAE

Electro Plating

Electroplating finishing services ensure high-quality product results. By combining steadfastness, durable, and resistant properties with other metals and using electric charges to produce a strong and durable coating, we guarantee the production of products of the highest quality. The resulting products exhibit superior resistance, reducing corrosion and friction, as well as wear on the coating.

Powder Coating

Our finishing powder coating service is exceptional, ensuring the achievement of top-notch product outcomes. Through the utilization of fusing techniques, the products undergo a coating process that yields a high-quality protective layer, effectively reducing friction, corrosion, and wearability. As a result, we deliver excellent products of the highest quality, as guaranteed to our clients.
Best Steel Fabrication Company In UAE
Best Steel Fabrication Company In UAE


The painting service offered as part of our finishing process excels in creating superbly painted surfaces on the products. These surfaces are achieved by utilizing top-notch raw materials, including high-quality metals. During this process, the painting is applied to the finalized product using advanced techniques such as spraying, coating, and brushing. The paints used are of the finest quality and are carefully selected to meet the specifications and requirements of our clients.


In our galvanizing finishing process, the finalized product undergoes a zinc coating application, which guarantees the safeguarding of the metals. This leads to the provision and assurance of superior strength and exceptional resistance against corrosion when the metals come into contact with moisture. Zinc is chosen due to its ability to undergo oxidation, which aids in the attainment of corrosion-free products, thereby delivering the utmost desired quality product as per the client's requirements.
Best Steel Fabrication Company In UAE