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Transforming Spaces with Excellence: The best interior fit outs company in UAE

Al Afnan Steel Industrial Company LLC provides a complete interior fit-out solution to improve the functioning and aesthetics of any space. Our team specializes in providing customized solutions to meet the unique requirements of our clients. From framework and metal furniture to claddings and more, our primarily focus on utilizing high-quality metals. As the best interior fit outs company in UAE, we ensure that all materials used are of the utmost quality, guaranteeing excellent results that exceed expectations.
Best interior fit outs company in UAE

Metal Furnitures

Our exceptional interior fit-out service ensures the provision of top-quality metal furniture, consisting of high-quality metals that possess properties such as excellent resistance to corrosion, making maintenance effortless, and ensuring long-lasting durability due to their sturdy nature. The furniture structures can be customized according to the specific requirements of our clients. 

Best interior fit outs company in UAE


At Al Afnan, the best interior fit outs company in UAE offers top-quality claddings that are crucial for safeguarding the foundations of any construction project. Our claddings are designed to withstand even the harshest conditions, providing guaranteed protection and durability. The specific designs required for the cladding are customized according to the clients. With our high-quality and robust claddings, maintenance is at ease. 

Best interior fit outs company in UAE


Al Afnan guarantee exceptional results in delivering high-quality, durable, and resilient products to our esteemed clients. Our service utilizes a wide range of materials, including various metals such as steel, to ensure enhanced strength and longevity. Our displays are of artistic elegance and unique structures, capable of elevating your space, and can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of our clients. 

Best interior fit outs company in UAE

Glass Partition

The best interior fit outs company in UAE provide glass partitions that guarantee durability and strength, making them ideal for partitioning spaces in any premises. These partitions not only aid in dividing the space but also offer transparency without completely blocking off the view, allowing light to pass through and reducing the dullness of the area. Additionally, these partitions are cost-effective and convenient to use, ensuring optimal results. 

Best interior fit outs company in UAE

Mirror Frames

The mirror frames that consist of a range of robust, corrosion-resistant, high-quality metals that guarantee the longevity of the frames, resulting in optimal outcomes. Moreover, the framework’s artistic and elegant designs exude a sense of pleasantness from the mirror. These designs, along with the sizes and shapes, can be tailored to meet the client’s specific requirements, ensuring the delivery of the finest quality product. 

Best interior fit outs company in UAE

Door Frames

Our door frames are made of high-quality metals that possess exceptional properties, including durability, moisture resistance that prevents corrosion, and heat resistance that ensures protection. These door frames are also known for their solid property, which provides them with strength and hardness. With these materials, we can easily customize the size of the frames according to the client’s requirements. 

Best interior fit outs company in UAE

Metal Screen

The best interior fit outs company in UAE offer metal screens that possess exceptional qualities including durability, resistance to specific conditions, and the ability to withstand high temperatures. These screens provide protection and are highly robust. They find applications in diverse sectors such as industrial, commercial, and residential. Additionally, they possess the advantageous property of sustainability, ensuring no harm to the environment. 

Elevate your Spaces with the best interior fit outs company in UAE

Our commitment to design excellence is the cornerstone of our philosophy at Interior Outs. We believe that excellent design can turn places into captivating environments that go beyond expectations. We combine artistry and functionality, pushing the frontiers of creativity to create designs that bring life to environments. Our team of seasoned designers brings forth innovative ideas, ensuring each project is a unique masterpiece. We immerse ourselves in learning your requirements, allowing us to personalise our designs to maximise use while compelling visual appeal. Our designs include a wide range of styles, from contemporary style to timeless elegance. At al afnan,the best interior fit outs company in UAE deliberately select pieces that complement one another, resulting in a unified and visually appealing environment.  

We hold collaborative brainstorming sessions and value your perspectives & suggestions. Through this collaboration, we create designs that are in line with your vision while combining our knowledge. The best interior fit outs company in UAE delve into an extensive exploration of materials, focusing on quality, sustainability, and their ability to complement the envisioned design. Moreover, Design isn’t just about aesthetics, it’s about usability too. We ensure that our designs not only look stunning but also serve their intended purpose seamlessly, enhancing the overall experience. Al afnan LLC use sustainable materials and processes whenever possible, contributing to a greener future without sacrificing design quality. At Interior Outs, we think that design greatness is about moulding experiences rather than just creating visually pleasing rooms. We bring to life settings that inspire and resonate with your objectives by committing to innovation, utility, and sustainability.   

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of spaces can you handle for interior fit-outs?

We specialize in interior fit-outs for a wide range of spaces, including commercial offices, retail stores, residential apartments, and industrial facilities.    

What is the typical timeline for an interior fit-out project?

The length of time required for an interior fit-out project depends on how complicated and extensive the work is. However, as the best interior fit outs company in UAE, we are committed to efficient project management and timely delivery 

What does an Interior Fit Out project involve?

At Al Afnan, the best interior fit outs company in UAE, our project involves transforming an empty or unfinished interior space into an aesthetically pleasing environment.  

What types of interior fit-out services do you provide?

As the best interior fit outs company in UAE, we offer a comprehensive range of interior fit-out services, including space planning, interior design, electrical and finishing works 

Do you offer sustainable and eco-friendly interior fit-out solutions?

Yes, we are committed to sustainability and offer eco-friendly interior fit-out solutions. We use environmentally friendly materials and implement energy-efficient practices to minimize our environmental impact while creating beautiful and functional interiors.